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About twelfth street interiors

Twelfth Street Interiors designs and delivers home living spaces with its signature modern yet pragmatic point of view. Since its start in New York City luxury design, they have more than a decade of experience composing homes with diverse aesthetics and lifestyles–from growing families in Connecticut colonials to single-living Manhattan studio apartments. Their training in the fine arts paired with global travel enables them to holistically combine locale, historical context and the essence of each client to create one-of-a-kind homes. 

Who we are

A full-service residential design studio operating across the United States with offices in the Connecticut Shoreline community and our namesake New York City

Twelfth Street Interiors has provided its layout, visioning, sourcing and project management services for home interiors and exteriors across the United States, including the Northeast (New York, Connecticut), Southeast (Georgia, Florida) and West (California) regions.

We partner with our clients to create modern yet pragmatic home living spaces.

Tell us about your home

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